Foundation and Concrete

  • 32 MPA, Type 10 for all concrete work
Grade beam
  • 8” x 2’-0” c/w rebar as per engineer
Parkade slab
  • 5” thick over 6 mil poly 6 compacted sand, steel trowel finish
Roof slab
  • 4” thick trowel finish complete with reinforcing rebar as per engineer
Damp proofing
  • Exterior concrete walls below grade, continuous bituminous spray covered with tabbed tie holes
  • 12” diameter x 22” deep, 10 mm rebar cages as required by structural engineer

Structure and Framing

Floor joist and beams
  • 2” x 10” s-dried spruce as per engineer
  • Beams are timberstrand, glulam or microlam as per engineer
  • Paralam or steel as per engineer
  • ¾” OSB T&G nailed (corner tacked, glued and screwed)
  • 1/2” cork acoustical underlayment
Exterior walls
  • 2” x 6” steel studs at 12” to 16” oc as per engineer
Wall sheathing
  • 3/8” OSB
Interior walls
  • 2” x 4” s-dried spruce studs as per engineer
  • 2” x 6” s-dried spruce studs as required
Party walls
  • Double 2” x 4” spruce as per engineer
  • Fire stops between each floor
Roof system
  • Glulam post and beam as per engineer
Roof sheathing
  • 5/8” OSB ply T&G
Balcony deck
  • 2” x 8” or better nailer plate
Balcony decks
  • 2” x 8” spruce at 16” oc ¾” OSB
Headers over all windows and exterior doors
  • 2-ply timberstrand or 3-ply as per engineer
  • All work shall be erected plum, true and square and in accordance with the drawings


Details as shown in the detailed drawings and as approved in the building permit.

Built-up roof
  • Torch down membrane on 1” fiber board insulation on sloped EPS type 1 insulation at 1% (R-32) vapour barrier
  • Prefinished aluminum
Exterior finish
  • Stonetile, galvalume panels or “Hardie Panels”
  • All through-wall penetrations are to be sealed with peel and stic bituthane or caulked
Exterior front door
  • Insulated metal doors c/w hardware
  • Metal clad wood windows c/w interior wood jamb extensions
Balcony finish floor
  • Cedar deck on 1-ply torch down membrane
Exterior columns
  • Concrete


Detail as shown in the detailed drawings and as approved by the building permit. Insulation and vapour barrier amount and installation to meet or exceed Alberta Building Code.

Exterior walls
  • R-20 batt insulation with 6 mil poly
Built-up roof
  • R-32 EPS type 1 insulation
Electrical outlets, plugs, switches
  • Poly pans behind and caulked
Vapour barrier
  • Seams, exterior wall plates, joints, headers and double studs, chimney and plumbing stacks, electrical and light boxes and other penetrations to be caulked with flexible butyl caulking
Party walls
  • Acoustic insulation, 5/8” type x on both sides and ½” on one side
  • STC-60
Interior walls
  • ½” drywall with metal corner beads taped and sanded ready for paint
Fire Rated ceiling
  • Acoustic insulation 5/8” type x drywall on resilient sound channel
Interior dropped ceiling
  • ½” drywall
Insulation pack
  • Behind all electrical outlets, switches and lights on exterior walls
Ceiling finishes
  • Painted drywall


The General Contractor shall ensure that all plumbing work is carried out in accordance with the required standards. Details as shown in the detail drawings and as approved in the building permit.

Kitchen sink (1)
  • Two compartment stainless steel c/w single lever faucet and pull-out spray, chrome
  • Hook-up garburator
Vanity sinks (2)*
  • China basin c/w single lever faucet chrome
Water closet (2)
  • Water saver, white
Soaker tub (1)
  • 54” x 28” soaker tub, white
Shower (2)
  • 36” x 36” shower stall with glass door complete with telephone shower with volume and temperature control
Pedestal sink (1)*
  • Complete with faucet
Laundry room
  • Hot and cold c/w fiberglass drain assembly
Deck area
  • Hook-up gas barbecue jack to deck
Mechanical room
  • 40 gal. gas hot water tank
  • Power vented
Fire sprinkler
  • Parkade sprinkler as per code c/w alarm system
  • System units sprinkler as per code
  • Elevator shaft sprinkler as per code
Sanitary and storm
  • Parkade to have 6 catch basins c/w two sump pits
  • Driveway ramps to have drainage trench
  • Guest parking to have one catch basin
  • Each unit to have its own water meter
  • One meter for condo association exterior hose bibs
  • Each unit to have its own gas meter
Gas fireplace
  • Complete with electric start
* Second bathroom may have pedestal sink in lieu of vanity sink depending on clearances.


The General Contractor shall ensure that all electrical work is carried out in accordance with the required standards. Details as shown in the detailed drawings and as approved by the building permit.

GFI outlets
  • In bathrooms and/or decks
Telephone outlet
  • As per plan and in bedroom
Cable outlet
  • In living area, bedroom area and den
Bathroom vents
  • Vented to exterior with Broan 650 fan or equivalent
Out venting kitchen
  • Vent sleeve and power RI for range hood supplied by contractor, range hood c/w microwave, stainless steel with black trim to be installed
220V kitchen outlet
  • As per plan for range
Electrical outlets
  • 12” about floor except kitchen as per code (see drawings) almond cover plates and almond plates on switches
Electrical service
  • 60amp service with 32-circuit panel located in the mechanical room or bedroom
Smoke detector
  • As per code
Copper wiring
  • Throughout as per code
Electrical meter
  • Each unit to have its own electric meter and one for condo association for parkade, elevator and exterior lighting
  • Install one hydraulic 2500 lb. passenger elevator car with three stops: main, second and third

Heating and Ventilation System

Heating system is to be forced air throughout for heating and air exchange requirements c/w power humidifier.

Heat cool unit
  • 88 Mbh output Lennox c/w drum humidifier 2 ton cooling capacity
  • Lennox condensing unit or equivalent
  • Complete ductwork package to above-mentioned equipment
  • Return air and fresh air intakes as per codes
  • 1 power humidifier c/w humidistat (by Vapor Air II or equivalent)
Bathroom fan
  • Braun S500 or equivalent
Range hood/microwave
  • Installed and vented to exterior by contractor
  • Hot water heater units c/w boiler, 1 zone control glycol filled
Elevator shaft
  • Hot water unit heaters c/w thermostats
Hot water heater
  • 40 US Gal State Model PR6

Life Safety System

All systems engineered and certified by professional engineers.

  • Carbon monoxide remote sensor interlocked to exhaust system
  • Critical environmental technologies
Entire building
  • Sprinklered metal piping equipment
Entire building
  • Smoke and heat detector interlocked with fire alarm
Parkade and roof
  • Professionally installed security system including cameras and recording equipment

Interior Finish

Interior doors
  • 1 3/4” solid 8’0” c/w 4 hinges on 1”x 4” pin stops, painted
Deck rails
  • Aluminum complete with tempered glass inserts
Interior rails
  • Steel painted as per code in fire exits
Exterior door locks
  • Brushed chrome lever and dead bolt
  • Porcelain tile: 12” x 12”
  • Hardwood: ¾” thick, maple
  • Vinyl sheet: Perspectives by Armstrong, 2 mm gauge
Casing and baseboard
  • Casing 2 ¼” modular painted
  • Baseboard 6” modular painted
Vanity mirrors
  • 3’ wide, 3’-4” to 6’-6”
  • All interior wall and ceiling painting to be primed plus 2 coats of high hide latex
  • All interior woodwork to be primed 2 coats of semi-gloss latex
  • Range hood microwave combination
  • Slide-in range
  • 23 cubic foot frost free fridge c/w glass shelves
  • Dishwasher
  • Trash compactor
  • Wine fridge
  • Washer/dryer
  • Garburator
Ceramic tile
  • 4” x 16”, floor to ceiling, surrounding soaker tub
Quartzite back splash
Quartzite countertop
  • ¾” thick
  • As per show suite
  • Front and rear garden complete with concrete walks and planters
  • All exterior railings to be aluminum c/w tempered glass inserts
  • One garbage enclosure to be covered and enclosed